Maximizing Resources with Utilization Management

Utilization Management

Vee Healthtek’s utilization management service offers a comprehensive solution for payers in today’s complex healthcare landscape. By maximizing resources, optimizing patient outcomes, and reducing costs through effective utilization management, we enhance payers’ decision-making processes to ensure patients receive high-quality care.

Leveraging advanced analytics, data, and technology, we help payers prevent costly and unnecessary tests and procedures, cutting expenditures and fostering a patient-centered approach to care. Our ground-breaking technology, backed by subject matter experts, allows us to predict trends for better utilization management. Once patterns have been identified, we automate day-to-day tasks and assignments to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your teams.

With extensive experience working alongside payers, providers, and patients, our team streamlines care delivery and curtails expenses. Our services ensure that healthcare resources are managed effectively and efficiently to reduce revenue loss and bolster decision-making. We generate significant savings for payers, provide education and risk management for providers, and enable patients to receive the appropriate medical care.

By partnering with Vee Healthtek, payers can expect improved resource allocation, technology-backed processes, and optimized decision-making.

Vee Healthtek’s Utilization Management Services Include:

  • Intake via fax, phone, and web
  • Prior authorization review, concurrent review, and retrospective review
  • Clinical reviews following InterQual, MCG, CMS, and client guidelines
  • Review support and summarization
  • Peer-to-peer coordination
  • Post-decision support
  • Appeals and grievances support

Benefits of Our Utilization Management Services:

  • Faster access to tests and treatments for patients
  • Risk management for providers through the documentation of clinical evidence
  • Cost savings by managing utilization