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Call Center Services

Patients expect call center support that goes above and beyond with knowledgeable representatives, prompt response times, and a personalized approach to their unique healthcare needs. When patients have positive call center experiences, they are more likely to recommend your healthcare organization to their family and friends.

With over two decades of experience in the healthcare services industry, Vee Healthtek offers quick and reliable healthcare call center support that addresses patient care requirements. Our services are designed to elevate the patient experience and streamline healthcare operations by extending beyond basic call center functions. This allows us to provide healthcare organizations with valuable support that enhances patient care and operational efficiency.

Our patient service coordinators handle inbound calls, outbound calls, scheduling and re-scheduling appointments, follow-up calls, form completion, insurance verification, and mediating between care providers and patients requiring help on time.

Vee Healthtek's commitment to providing quality call center services is reflected in the passion, empathy, and professionalism of our representatives. Our representatives foster long-term relationships between patients and healthcare organizations.

Vee Healthtek’s Healthcare Call Center Services Include:

  • Coordinating appointment booking across various channels
  • Improving call responses and reducing call abandonment rates
  • Fixing referral leakage
  • Managing inbound and outbound calls
  • Scheduling appointments and follow-ups
  • Verifying insurance