Risk Adjustment

Realize financial success in value-based care with Vee Healthtek’s suite of risk adjustment and consulting solutions.


As a Leading Provider of End-to-End Risk Adjustment Services, Our Offerings include:

  • Real-time risk DNA insights
  • Access to our team of risk adjustment physicians
  • Dedicated and experienced risk adjustment account managers
  • Access to our robust list of comprehensive health management tools
  • Prospective, concurrent, and retrospective HCC clinical-coding experts
  • Transformational data-based intelligence
  • Complete risk and quality performance reporting insights

Prospective Risk Review

As health plans and their provider networks move to value-based contracts, accurate documentation of risk is critical to ensuring appropriate payment. It’s essential to obtain intelligent insights into the patient-provider interaction ahead of the date of service.

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Concurrent Risk Review

Concurrent reviews occur in the EHR system and capture risk adjusting ICD (HCC) codes in real time. Not all EHR systems were designed to support the HCC model, however. High-performing medical groups and numerous payer organizations utilize Vee Healthtek’s claims review and HCC coders to optimize claims before they are submitted.

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Retrospective Risk Review

Dig deep into your healthcare beneficiary risk stratification, with technology-enabled risk adjustment insights. Vee Healthtek's retrospective chart reviews analyze dates of service to abstract HCC codes to the highest specificity possible. Our HCC optimization platform identifies care-gaps and missed HCC opportunities during the retrospective review process to optimize your operational efficiencies.

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Risk Adjustment Optimization

Vee Healthtek’s Risk Adjustment Optimization platform uses top tier plan data to analyze the documentation, EHR, HCC workflow, and patient acuity to streamline your risk adjustment processes and accurately capture the patient’s true severity of illness. Our NLP-designed system gives organizations complete visibility into their risk profile to facilitate payer-provider contract negotiations, missed revenue opportunities, and enhance patient care. Contact us for a Risk DNA Analysis and let Vee Healthtek guide you through today’s ever changing landscape.

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