Strategy and Consulting

Change is inevitable in business, how an organization adapts to those changes defines them. Vee Healthtek helps global companies achieve extraordinary outcomes by incorporating deep industry expertise with cutting-edge processes to develop and execute tailored strategies that stand the test of time.


Our domain experts work to deliver solutions that boost efficiency, identify growth opportunities, introduce new technology and innovation, identify potential risks, and ultimately save time and money.

Vee Healthtek helps organizations adapt to and overcome change. We streamline operations while building powerful strategies that translate into actionable results, achieving positive gains and powering your organization through the competitive landscape.

Revenue Cycle Consulting/Revenue Recovery

Healthcare is constantly evolving. Mergers and acquisitions continue to rise, regulatory updates have changed the way that organizations operate, reimbursement has declined, the move towards value-based care has become more apparent, and new technology has opened doors that many never thought possible.

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Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management

Managing chronic illnesses or serious injuries requires dual participation between the patient and the provider. Vee Healthtek's care coordination assessors can help healthcare providers find enhancement opportunities to navigate through the health care system.

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CDI Review

Vee Healthtek's experienced CDI assessment experts review provider documentation to ensure the accurate representation of a patient's clinical status. Medical records with inconsistent, deficient, or unspecified documentation can be detrimental to a patient and lead to a loss in revenue.

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Inpatient (Hospital and Physician)

Vee Healthtek focuses on improving CMI and DRG-based revenue, directly increasing cash flow and revenue for our hospital and health system clients.

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Provider Education

When discussing provider education, the interpretation can take on a different meaning depending on whom you are speaking to. For some, provider education directly relates to physicians, practitioners, therapists, and other clinical caregivers.

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E/M Auditing and Consulting

CMS audits have revealed that nearly 42% of claims with evaluation and management codes are billed incorrectly every year. With more changes on the horizon, that number is likely to increase drastically.

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